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From a young age, I have always had an interest in cars. My father, brothers and I would go to the Woodward Dream Cruise every year, and even as a young child, I knew I wanted to do something automotive related. 

In high school, I worked at a popular full service car wash and car  detailing location, where I quickly rose to the role of head detailer, followed by manager. I learned a lot of what I know about detailing from this experience, as well as being the head detailer of a high volume dealership, and from mentors I have met along the way who were trained through very accredited establishments. I decided to pursue my dream of owning and operating a car detailing business, and have loved every minute!

While establishing myself, I started doing research on ceramic coatings. Ceramic coating adds permanent, gloss, makes your car incredibly easy to clean, and protects the finish much better than traditional wax. After a few years I was ready to start installing ceramic coatings for customers, which is about the same time IGL Coatings saw my work online and brought me on as a master installer. They produce and distribute some of the best coatings on the market, and we have installed hundreds of ceramic coatings since then, with hundreds of ecstatic clients!

Fast-forward to today, we work out of a beautiful, climate-controlled shop. I have several helpers and have been taking on projects with Ryan from King's Luxury Detailing. Together, we share 30 years of combined experience, working on anything ranging from ceramic coating prototype cars, to ceramic coating kitchens, detailing thousands of vechiles along the way!

The passion I have for detailing is unmatched, except for the feeling I get when I have the opportunity to transform a vehicle for a client, and then see their reaction. Whether I am working on an old minivan or a showroom condition exotic car, I treat every vehicle as if it were my own!

I look forward to meeting you, and making your vehicle shine!


Anthony Fosmoen

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