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**All details are performed with non-toxic, biodegradable products that are gentle on you and your vehicle, but very effective!**

(~4-6 HOURS)

$300 AND UP

  • Thorough hand wash using the two bucket method.

  • Exterior hand dried using air and plush microfiber towels.

  • Strong vacuum and air purge to remove all debris.

  • Headliner spot cleaned.

  • Mats shampooed and extracted.

  • Dash, panels, vents, and all cracks and crevices cleaned with brushes, pressurized steam, and our interior cleaner.

  • All leather cleaned, conditioned and protected. All vinyl UV protected.

  • Windows cleaned to a streak free finish.

(~4-6 HOURS)

$300 AND UP

  • Three-stage decontamination hand wash.

  • Exterior hand dried using air and plush microfiber towels.

  • Door jambs degreased and protected.

  • Premier, our six month ceramic coating, is applied by hand to the paint, and allowed to cure in our shop. This sealant provides great hydrophobics, deep gloss, and strong protection!

  • Wheel faces recieve Premier, tires dressed.


Paint correction, simply put, is the process of “correcting the paint”, or bringing it back to a defect-free finish. Over time, swirls, scratches, and other marring will affect your paint, causing it to no longer have the same deep gloss it used to.


On a microscopic scale, the paint is jagged and covered in valleys of scratches. The paint correction process levels the paint to a flat surface.


The vehicle goes through an extensive inspection, including measuring the depth of the paint to be sure there is enough paint to work with. Your car on average has 4-6 total mils of paint on it, including primer, base, and clear coat. Layered on top of each other, this equates to the thickness of just a post-it note! We use various types of machines, pads, and lighting to ensure that your paint is corrected to a defect-free finish.


**Paint correction can take anywhere from 5 hours to a few days, depending on the vehicle and condition. We recommend ceramic coating to finish the process, and further protect your investment!**


$300 AND UP


$597 AND UP

Your garage queen is your pride and joy. You want to preserve the paint and its perfect condition for as long as possible. Or maybe you've owned your vehicle for a few years and its start to take longer and longer to wash, and the results aren't satisfactory. Or better yet, you just bought a new car and want to protect it before it ever sees the road. What will solve all this, and more?



Ceramic Coating.



Ceramic Coatings are applied and permanently cured to a vehicles paint, which acts as a sacrificial layer between your vehicle and the elements, offering:

  • Super hydrophobic properties.  

  • Greater UV resistance.

  • Chemical resistance.

  • Self cleaning properties.

  • Greater scratch resistance.

  • Heat resistance.

  • Improved paint durability. Coatings bond to the surface on a molecular level, forming a much stronger bond that can protect the paint for years to come with the proper maintenance.

We install IGL Coatings, specifically IGL EZ (1 year coating), Quartz (3 year coating), and Kenzo (5 year coating). We guarantee our coatings 

**Although not a requirement, we do recommend at least a one-stage polish, as any scratches or defects will be "locked in" by the coating. Inquire for pricing. This process can take anywhere between 1-3 days (including paint correction) depending on the condition of the paint.***

Ask About Our Coatings For:
*Stainless Steel
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